Well I’m through Tuesday. I’m starting to love school. Despite the amount of time it requires, it really is enjoyable. Now all I need is a girlfriend… 😀

Well I have Vice City, but it doesn’t work. The Italian Readme was corrupted [conspiracy?]. Gonna get a new one soon hopefully. I now have a CD-RW. It works, as I have already tested it out with some Halo movies I’ll be giving to one of my friends.

I discovered I can get ready for school in a new record of 19 minutes [including shower!]. Yeah! I used to take 20 minutes just for the shower part. Hehehe.

Anyways, I have to go with my mom and dad [as if that weren’t bad enough] to dinner with one of their friends. This means I’ll have no time for anything tonight. If I want some time for later tonight, then I gotta do some homework, so, I better go do some homeworl, right? Right.


Well I’m back home on a Saturday near-afternoon. Last night was awesome. I went over with my 32″ TV, my XBox, Halo, a Hub, and we played some sweet 4 vs 3 Halo. Also played GTA3 and that about comprised our night. We had some pizza, but, the selection of coke, only being sprite, was really dissapointing. Who wants SPRITE with pizza? Oh well.

In any case, I’m back home, with all my stuff intact. On an odd note, Daniel called me in the middle of the party. I don’t know why. He went through all the trouble of fetching the number from the Luddy’s, and called me to say something that I couldn’t understand. I can’t call him now that he’s in Rochester for his guitar classes. Hopefully he’ll be back sometime in the near future.

Well not much is going down tonight, but tomorrow should be fun. After school I’m heading to Ben’s house, and I’m gonna spend the night. Hopefuly I’ll be bringing my xbox stuff, and we’ll play some Halo, and other stuff. I’m trying to negotiate a TV from my dad. I gotta do some homework soon, so this will be short.

Anyways. Tomorrow I’ve got a Global Studies Introduction Test. I’m taking all my classes for Honors credit now, so everything will start getting harder. Other than that, life is normal. Pfft. Yeah right.


*groan* Another friend made a Blog. Dont ask. Go to it right here.

Ahem. Anyways, I just about blacked out 5 seconds ago. It was the weirdest feeling. I got this sort of headache, then everything turned into black and purple. I stood there unable to think. It’s a really, really, really weird feeling. Think about not being able to think. Your brain stops completely. You just sit there. Really weird. I promptly sat down and shook my head several times.

School is getting better. More people are recognizing me as not so bad. I got my schedule changed around a bit, so this is what it looks like now.

Homeroom: Briegle

1: [Days 2 and 4] Ecological Biology Lab: Mrs. Benenati., [Days 1,3,5,6] Study Hall

2: Ecological Biology: Mrs Benenati.

3: Math 9: Kuckes, D

4: [Days 2,4,6] Lunch, [Days 1.3.5] PE: Lamson

5: German 2: Brofenbrenner

6: DDP: Briegle

7: [Semester 1] Global History: Shenk [Semester 2] English: Cabera

8: [Semester 1] Global History: Shenk [Semester 2] English: Cabera

Don’t talk to me about lunch, I know. In other news, my 86 bux Graphic Calculator came today. Now I need some games for it, from my friends. Hehehe. Anyways, sleep awaits me. Later people.


Sorry folks! It’s been 3 days since my last post. I hope you haven’t wasted your time checking too often.

The last few days have been cool. Friday Jonathan picked me up from school. We stayed up all night watching ‘National Security’, eating calzones, and playing Fusion Frenzy. It was awesome. And National Security is HILARIOUS. A lot of swearing a racial remarks, though. Anyways. On Saturday I took the German proficiency test, which I’m pretty sure I got an A on. After that I went to Sam’s birthday party, at his friend, Ben Myer’s house. That was really cool. We played Halo and Unreal Tournament and all kinds of other games. I met Ben, Jared, and Zach there. Weilin was there, but I already knew him. After that I watched the Two Towers, and then came Church. That was interesting, as in Sunday School we have about 15 people in our class. Then came the abstinence class, and that was the rest of my day. OH! I forgot! After I got back from the party Saturday, my video card had arrived. I installed it and it came with Serious Sam. Its an old FPS. Anyways, Saturday was uneventful. I went to Daniel’s house and we played Halo, but that’s about it. Went home, played CS, watched the Two Towers, and went to bed. School was also uneventful. I discovered shoving people out of the way is rather effective for getting to DDP. I also discovered that iBen Myers is in my DDP class. Never noticed!

Ah well. I should go get my uniform for Scouts on.


Finally through my 3rd day of school. Man am I TIRED. I have to get up at 10 tomorrow, since my German test is at 11. I’ll definately sleep well tonight. Hopefully.

School today was interesting. Got yelled at for being late to DDP, but it isn’t my fault. I have to walk across the entire school grounds to get there. And the teacher doesn’t care either. A little explanation. In period 5 I have German 2, which is in sector K. DDP is in the technology sector, sector E. Each sector is usually just a circle, essentially, with 1 or 2 sets of doors to the outside, and connections to other sectors. E is essentially a Freshman Homeroom sector and technology sector. It’s off to the far west. K is the exact opposite. Now, not only does it take over 2 minutes to walk from K to E, you can’t run. And on top of that, you have to walk through the G sector . The G sector is just a mess. They are always packed insanely full, and most of your time is spent shuffling through there. Oh well. I just gotta find a better way to get through.

I’ve learned to appreciate the weekends again. I’m so tired. Sooo very tired. I need some sleep, and lots of it.

Well, I’m through the second day of school. So far everything’s good. Nobody I knew from Dewitt seems to hate me, and and the ones that used to have either forgotten me or don’t hate me anymore! 😀 Though it’s really amusing to watch some people. None of them hace changed at all. Others, meanwhile, are completely new people. THough I have to say. Some of the girls aint so bad looking now 😉 Ah well. I realize why Freshmans are so different from the rest of people in high school. They’re still like what they were since Middle School, only maybe a bit taller, and in the case of guys, with deeper voices.

Nothing much really happened today. I got pulled outta school for an orthodontics apointent, then had an hour long German lesson. I think I’m gonna do okay on the test.

Wow. First day of high school. The first two hours were pretty boring indeed. I got to listen to the AP’s and all the big people say how ‘excited’ they are to have us Freshman here, blablabla. I really can’t stand people say the same stuff, trying to make it sound like they’re excited, but I know it’s not much of a change of pace for them. Every other year they’ll stumble upon some exceptional student who does amazing things, but that’s really as exciting as their job will get. Enough about them — on to my day!

After the ceremony-thingy, I went to my Homeroom, Briegle. Briegle is a going to be a pain. He’s obviously somewhat clueless and seems to enjoy making you do pointless stuff. But, thankfully, Homeroom isn’t even a class, however, I have him for DDP [Design and Drawing for Production]. DDP is gonna rock. We get to sit in big comfy roller chairs and design a ‘product’ on the computer, and then we make it. Not much homework, either! Anyways. I had Math with one of my friends from Dewitt, Charles, which is good. Earth Science will be pretty boring, I think. I should have taken Molecular Bio. I got switched into Honors German with Brofenbrenner, so that’s all good. PE is definately gonna be a pain in the butt to bring a change of clothes and all that junk. On the bright side, we get to do Archery as a segment later on! 😀 I’m not too bad at that, either. What else did I have … Global Studies will probably turn out like Math and Earth Science, boring, though we’ve got some interesting people in the class. One guy is named ‘Lord’, and we have 3 Sams in the room, including Sam Luddy. I have 2/6 study halls, and 1/6 science lab. The rest are all PE. All in the 3rd period. What a stupid way to set up a schedule. So, this is my schedule, layed out in a readble format!

Homeroom: Briegle

1st Period: Math: Kuckes, D

2nd: Earth Science: Fast

3rd: [Days 1,3,5] PE, [Days 2] Earth Science Lab, [Days 4,6] Study Hall

4th: German 2: Brofenbrenner

5th: Lunch

6th: DDP: Briegle

7th: Global Studies: Shenk, 1st Semester, English: Cabrera, 2nd Semester

8th: Global Studies: Shenk, 1st Semester, English: Cabrera, 2nd Semester

Yup, that’s my schedule. Also, German looks pretty interesting. I’ve got 2 good friends in there, though the teacher looks like she gives tough assignments.


I just talked to my German teacher! She’s back Stateside and she called me 10 minutes ago. I’m going to do review of all we’ve done this summer on Thursday afternoon at 4 PM. Then, Saturday, I take the proficiency. I’m in Honors German 2, as well! Praise the Lord! Everything is smooth sailing from here on out, hopefully. Just gotta hit the books and study for everything! Thank goodness. I was getting really, really stressed about that. Now all I need to do is go to bed at 10:00 tonight, and wake up at 6:30 or 7:00. 🙂

Well I just talked to my parents. We came to one of those ‘agreements’ that you know you’ll screw up on in about 2 or 3 weeks, but they’ll never notice. So long as I don’t stay up past 10:30 and ‘do well in school’ I can stay down in my current room. Bwahaha. I have some skillz.


Was just talking to my parents. They’re gonna kick me out of my own room!!! I’m gonna be forced to be off the computer by 10:30! Argh! No anime! No nice room! No TV! No Xbox! What happens when Halo PC…when Halo2…when Fable come out??? Will I be stuck to stop playing at 10:30? For goodness sake!


Well this is the first time on this Blog-thingy. Daniel showed me and I decided to start my own. Cool stuff.

School starts tomorrow, and I’m gonna have to get up at 7:00 IN THE MORNING. I HAVEN’T GOTTEN UP THAT EARLY IN AGES. I just have to try and get to bed early, I guess. Thank goodness for alarms. I’ll get to see some friends I lost contact with over the last year. Hopefully they’ll remember me.

One serious aggravation concerning the coming school year is my German. I’m supposed to be going into German 2. I took some tutoring for German 1 over the summer, but my German teacher is vacationing in Germany right now. She’s the only one that can give me the proficiency test!!! I can’t change from German 2 Regents to German 2 Honors! I’m getting really, really angry.

Hopefully it will be resolved soon. That’s all for now.