Interesting past two weeks. Today’s update: I’m off MY computer for a week [until Monday], so I’m on my mom and dad’s. Probably won’t post until Monday again, so this is a long one. I got Vice City working, but that was a week or so ago. Been having lots of fun with that. I should be getting Halo PC on Friday or Saturday, though it depends on whether Ben invites me to his next party. I put out a message to all my customers to pay up on the whopping $132 they owe me. 32 goes to getting Halo PC. The rest is for my dad. I’ve got a $30 EB card and $10 Best Buy card, and I’ve got $15 right now, so I’m covered. If worse comes to worse, I can just go for the money Jonathan offered and use my EB card and 15 bux. It’s all good.

Concerning Daniel, Emma and Jesse, Daniel said he emailed Maria. He hasn’t given me what her response was, but I’m going to be interested in hearing it. I’m not angry about it anymore, now that I know what went down. Hopefully should all be in the past in a few days. I didn’t really gain much out of this experience, but I hope Daniel and Jesse learned something about me and my attitude. I can be fiesty sometimes, and when I get angry I show it. I know some of the things I said may not have been justified in my situation, but I felt they needed to be said in order to make my point at the time. I do appreciate y’all’s concern over me, but too much concern is very definately not a good thing.

So, I’ve gone through Halo PC, money, Vice City, friend problems, what else do I need to cover? Oh yeah. I’ve been forced to move back upstairs into my closet, and I’ll probably be staying up here for a while. I’ve moved our 13″ TV up and my XBox and PS1 up too, but the connection on the TV is so awful its not really playable. If I could get a new adapter I might be set, but I don’t have any. Oh well. At least this room has my clothes in it, and its not cold. Of course the only reason my other room was cold is because of the fact I leave the window open at night. Oddly enough, I sleep MUCH better when the outside air is cold, and I have enough coveres to keep me nice and cozy warm. It just puts me right to sleep. Heh, I can’t wait for snow. I wont enjoy the commute in school and crap, but that’s ok. So long as I can still wear my normal shoes without too much annoyance, it’s not too bad. That’s what lockers are for, right? Of course, now that it takes longer to get ready for school, it can take me anywhere from 15-20 minutes, depending on how much sleep I got the night before.

Wow. This was a LONG post. It should cover for the next week at least.