The Latest Craze

Tonight’s Maundy Thursday service was a little bizarre, not in and of itself, but because as I looked at the bulletin, I literally started adding () at the end of each header (mentally). This is a strong indication that I rocked today’s practice APCS test, with the exception of the last question on Trees and Binary Expressions, which may prevent me from attaining my preliminary “5”.

I feel like I really did well on that thing, not because I studied (I did a total of 20 part one questions, 10 on two consecutive nights, mostly to get in the APCS “mood”), but because I’ve started getting the rest of my life in order before even thinking about school (yes, a long school performance post is coming). I’ve often wondered why I can’t get a grip this year (even my “I WILL NOT BE LAZY. :)” slogan failed after 5 weeks), when the simple answer came to me that there’s no way I can come close to excelling in matters of the mind, nor the body, when my heart isn’t even in the right place. While every conclusion I’ve come to concerning my performance at school has not been wrong, they’ve been misguided at the core.

Take, for example, my original thought that I was simply overloaded with courses in the midst of a busy life. This was possibly the furthest conclusion from the truth. Why was I doing poorly in Math 11H? I was getting two hours of sleep every night and doing half the homework. I didn’t accept THIS part of the equation until later, when I decided that my problem was sheer laziness. Back to analyzing the former, however. Was I busy? Sure, but the lie I repeated to me teachers about having three hours of homework was certainly overblown. This was a time in which I compulsively manipulated my teachers to gain pity and leniency, but not necessarily intentionally. I twisted the facts just a bit to gain the sympathy I needed to continue being a slacker.

Hindsight, as always, is 20/20, and it’s easy to judge my past acts so unabashedly. Maybe I WAS overworked, but I specifically remember spending half a dozen nights blowing off homework to watch Lost or the Sopranos or some movie. I can’t say with complete confidence that dropping Math 11H was a completely bad decision, but, I think I can say it could have been avoided. There was a definite shock factor at the beginning of the year – I was not prepared to actually work. Freshman and Sophomore years had been absolutely effortless, although my failure to apply myself is highly evident in my Sophomore year – my first F on a progress report (remedied to a B) appeared of all time, as well as my first D. So, this was something that was long overdue to happen, but is not totally the result of what I felt like it should have been. I WANTED to believe I was doing poorly because I was so overworked. I made things a lot harder for myself than they should have been. It’s definitely hard to do complex math at 3:00 in the morning, that’s for sure, so in one sense, I was right. I failed to see the connection between actions in the rest of my life, and consequences in my school life. Which is where I’m heading, here.

My true low point came a little bit after dropping AP Physics. I had justified the drop to a multitude of things – crappy teacher, depression, crappy course, still too much work, you name it. All of it contained a level of truth, just like with Math 11H – as I’m hearing from a lot of the people in there now, it’s only gotten worse in every respect. I was definitely a little depressed somewhere in there. The depression was a circular illness, though. I do poorly in AP Physics, I get depressed, which makes me do more poorly, etc.. The ONLY way to break the cycle, I figured, was to drop the depression factor – AP Physics. It never occurred to me that perhaps my performance in AP Physics was directly related to my constant absence from school, or my increasing failure to do the homework before each test, or my failure to study for the tests. A lot of the latter (homework, studying) can be attributed to frustration with the material when I didn’t understand it immediately. I’m not a patient learner. At all. So, I’d sit down for 10 minutes and stare at the book, and pretty much call it a day. All this, I believe, was the result of chaos in other, more important portions of my life.

I believe the last diagnosis I had, that I was sheerly lazy, was the closest to the truth, but was only treating the symptom. When I look at myself as a whole, my best work is done when I can actually focus on school – not in the “close the door and study for 5 hours” sense, but in the “there are no conflicting situations with friends and family, nor with God”. This isn’t something I’ve thought about for a while, but I realized it when I fell asleep in the middle of communion last Sunday, and subsequently missed the usher passing out the bread. Nobody came and scolded me for it or anything, no weird looks, nothing. I often fall asleep in the middle of church, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. But this was ridiculous.

I started from the beginning, asking questions to get to the source. Why did I fall asleep? I was tired. Did I mean to? No, it was, at the moment of occurance, out of my control. I was tired enough to fall asleep in the middle of the prayer beforehand. Why was I tired, then? Lack of sleep. Why didn’t I sleep? I stayed up late (until 3:00, as per usual). Why? Because I was playing games and watching TV. Why? Because that’s what I wanted to do. I felt like it. It was purposeful.

I realized that when I choose to deny myself something that will enable me to do the simple act of properly worshipping on Sunday morning, I’m choosing myself over God. That, right thurr, is sin. So, this gets down to the problem of me falling asleep in the middle of church. How does this relate to anything?

I have a lot of other unresolved problems with friends, far and wide. Anything from just a lack of communication to miscommunication to discommunication. Probably one of the more haunting failures this year was with the old guy, Mr Dynkin. Although I’d already given me notice that I was leaving, I repeatedly delayed and canceled at the last minute for the last time I was supposed to work for him, he pretty much fired me for being so unreliable. I can blame him and his senility and him trying to make me put on those gigantic pants all I want, but really, that was mine.

That spawned from an overally apathy concerning work and duty in my life. I have a duty to do a lot of things in my life, and I can’t really take that as lightly as I used to. Keeping up with the world isn’t as easy as it was a few years ago, which, I guess, is just part of aging. If I don’t keep up with my duties to the most important things in my life, there’s just no way I can keep up with the lesser things, like school.

Hopefully, by God’s grace I can keep up with the greater elements.

Of Note

Mike told me about a rather widely-viewed program on National Geographic last night concerning the “Gospel According to Judas”. I hadn’t heard of it, so I did some research.

Essentially, it was found in the mid-to-late 2nd century by a bishop of Lyons, and this date has been verified by all the surrounding evidence. So, it’s definitely old. The “Gospel of Judas” apparantly is told through the eyes of Judas, and suggests the Judas did not, in fact, betray Jesus, but was asked to by Jesus. I haven’t been able to find any manuscripts of it online, but from what I’m seeing, that’s the big “danger” it poses to Christianity.

My initial reaction was mild confusion, whether due to being massively tired or whatever, but I managed to not hold judgement until I got some research done. Lo and behold, it appears to be yet another Apocrypha. For those of you who don’t want to read the article, the Apocrypha are texts from Jesus’ time that have been deemed false. The Roman Catholic church and some Orthodox churches still keep some of the Apocrypha.

The Apocrypha, in general, are massively inconsistent with the basic canonical text of the Bible. In them you’ll find stuff about Jesus getting married and having a child, or various Old Testament stories in which men are worshipped (iirc) with God’s sanctioning. The stuff is pretty blatantly contradictory. That doesn’t automatically qualify it for being excluded from the Bible, but considering that a lot of this stuff was made by Gnostics, I fail to see how the “Gospel of Judas” is any different (the author is apparantly unknown, although it is told through Judas’ eyes).

The Joy of Geckos

VBS was surprisingly fun. It got better as the week went on. I got kind of attached to a few of the kids, they were pretty cute. It was really, really obvious which kids had solid homes, though. It was fun sitting behind the wall after the puppet shows goofing around, too. And then there was Mr. Missirian’s class…which was not so fun. I’m glad I did it though.

I’m officially signed up for Word of Life, which, was kind of late, but whatever works. I’m supposedly paying for 100 dollars of it, a big chunk out of my upgrades, because my parents don’t have enough to pay for it themselves. Admittedly, they are paying for me, but….

Moving on, those new Halo 2 maps come out Tuesday, and I’ve been playing rather much recently. The new maps look fairly sweet, especially Terminal and Gemini, and Relic might be fun. We shall see.

EDIT: Ithaca, the only place where fireworks are secinctly followed by a chorus of “O, Canada!”.

EDIT2: That’s just funny.

“Back, in a Color Roughly Akin to Black”

By the time this post is done, the DNS address should have resolved, and the blog will be back online. Not that any of you will notice. You all deserve many apologies from myself for having ignored all of you and stood on the sideline in a dark-colored pancho daydreaming. Metaphorically speaking. I am, however, back, and in a good mood, with loud music again, and with good speakers. First on the list: landmarks in geekdom.

Suspended Animation: 1, 2, 3, 4 (watch this one, very funny).

Intel sued by AMD: 1, 2.

American (IT) Economy Sucks, the EU sucks: 1, 2, 3.

Anyways, I’ve been at Daniel’s house since the 17th. I was there a total of 11 days, which, when you think about spending time with any one group of people, is a long time. It was overall pretty fun, I spent a lot of time helping out at Daniel’s church (which, I maintain, is identical to mine). Ben got me convinced to get Star Wars Galaxies after watching him play and learning the level system. I had been set on Guild Wars, but I then learned the level limit is 20, which kind of defeats the fun I hope for in these games. I didn’t do much at Daniel’s house in particular beyond watch Babylon 5, 24, and play Gladius with them. I was also not able to blast my techno without my large speakers. What can one do?

I was not a complete bum, though. I helped out at their VBS (Vacation Bible School), which was more interesting than expected. Daniel and I got the four and five-year-olds, and while they aren’t exactly aware of their surroundings at that point, they manage to be a handful. It’s hard to teach anything complex or meaningful to kids that young, and some of you would have laughed heartily at what they were doing.

Example: “God Loves You”
A non-competitive version of musical chairs, four hoola-hoops are placed on the ground. The kids run around in a circle while the leader sings some tune, and jump into the nearest hoola-hoop when the music stops. Upon jumping into the hoola-hoop, kids say “God loves you!” to eachother. Remove one hoola-hoop, rinse and repeat.

Events such as this and a puppet show, with one puppet commandeered by myself, are to be found at VBS. The unfortunate side-effect of VBS is the teen study, in which a highly aged and experienced engineer (whom I admire for his personal quality and ability) gives us a sort of “look at me as an example” lesson. On top of the style of teaching, it is a low-discussion class, which does not fly smoothly with me. My style of “saying something against the grain, and then backing it up with experience or references” does not work, as I usually get stopped at “saying something against the grain”, making me look like some kind of “bad” Christian. Anyways.

Beyond helping out at the church, I also attempted to bike around the lake with some of my Scout troop. This is a 100 mile trip, which, contrary to what I was thinking, is not just a 50 miles trip that goes for 50 more miles. No, this is much harder than that. Factors that did not help: I forgot an essential tube to my camelback, the route was very badly planned, and I forgot sunscreen. I made it 70 miles before Daniel, K2, and I all quit. It gets hard after 65 miles. Oh well.

EDIT: Pictures, stolen from Benjamin.

At the first grocery stop, nice and healthy. 15 miles.

[2012 edit: lost forever]

At the lunch stop, fairly healthy. 50 miles.

[2012 edit: lost forever]

At a shaded area, not very healthy. 65 miles.

[2012 edit: lost forever]

My mom and dad had some interesting stories about their bike trip, which may or may not come later. At the moment, I need to grab a coke, mow some lawns, and relax for the wonderful 10 days I have before running off to see my grandparent’s 50th anniversary, instead of getting to see Ben and Gemma’s wedding.

Dude, That Was EXTREME!! (O.o)

I am muddy, hungry, and have not started my homework. Church was normal – Greg had a good lesson, as usual. Oh, and Paul? I have some answers for you *grin*. (oh dear…using emotes in blog posts…I’m becoming like Daniel!!) It was on the internal reliability of the Bible (consistency, themes). Pretty cool stuff, especially as he’s doing external next week. I might even take notes.

After Church Benjamin, Jesse, and Nolan came over, and we had pizza while watching Olde English videos. Jesse and Nolan were being bums most of the time, playing on the Xbox, so Benjamin and I started making up some EXTREME!! sports involving EXTREME!! trash cans, EXTREME!! poles, and EXTREME(ly deflated)!! soccer balls. We were playing EXTREME!! ping pong for a while, but that got boring so we moved on to playing it with bats and wiffle-balls on the EXTREME!! picnic table. It didn’t really work, because the picnic table wasn’t wide enough, so we degraded to smashing a deflated soccer ball back and forth. This transformed into a strange form of EXTREME!! minigolf-croquet, and then onto EXTREME!! bowling, which didn’t work, because we couldn’t knock down the trash cans using just an EXTREME!! shovel and a soccer ball.

We eventually got Jesse and Nolan outside (the time it took almost put me to sleep). We were hitting balls back and forth, and eventually found an EXTREME!! bouncy ball in the brush, and I SO pwned Nolan with a headshot from 20 feet with that thing (sorry about that!). They left maybe an hour or two ago.

Last night was Ben’s LAN party, which I attended for 4 hours. Since I was only there for 4 hours, I didn’t get to play a lot of anything, but, among what I did get to play was Halo 2, Chaos Theory (man, it sucks, you can’t do 2v2 with 2 xbox’s), and…that was it. Other people were playing Worms, Gauntlet Legends, and Burnout 3, though. Church conflicted with staying overnight and not sleeping.

As for me, I dismantled that computer that was to be my server (alas, not enough RAM), and took out everything that was of use. Hopefully, the hand-me-down computer I’ll be recieving from my dad will suffice. Hopefully.

And now, a shower.


Benjamin has a much more EXTREME!! write-up of our activities on his blog.


Apparantly, extremophile is a word.


You can’t get more EXTREME!! than THIS.

Why Doesn’t Food Rhyme With Good? (…)

That was a serious mistake, to whoever invented the English language.

So, Friday I did not attend school. Not because it was Good Friday (I find it bothersome that so many people do take the day off with that excuse), but to do 5 hours of make up work. I got all of my backlogged math work done, got more practice in on my English performance lines, and didn’t actually get to sleep in Friday. I figured since so many people would be gone, I could take the day off without drawing much attention. Hopefully that is the case. Anyways, this officially means Chemistry is the only subject left with work to do. I’ll be spending all my remaining days off working in Chemistry.

Saturday. The church youth (led by Greg) went to Lindseth at Cornell and did some climbing. It was pretty fun, despite my prognostication beforehand. I got to know Lincoln and Andrew a little better, which was cool. There’s a few kids at church I never really talk to, I dunno why, I just don’t. As for the climbing, I think I did okay considering I suck at it. I got to the top in two different places, but spent most of my time bouldering. My arms are pretty sore right now, but they’re almost back to normal.

Today was Easter (obviously), and the church, as usual, doubled in attendance. It’s kind of weird to see all these people come out of nowhere to church on Easter, and Easter alone. Dad actually taught a really good sermon, though. I normally don’t care for his style and presentation, but I definately learned something today.

Tomorrow? Not only is it Monday, but, Chaos Theory comes out. Speaking of which I need to go harrass my dad about Daniel’s money. If you haven’t read up on Chaos Theory, you need to. It’s gonna rock. 99 from OXM, 98 from Team XBox, 96 from IGN. Definately gonna rock. (btw Daniel, i just asked my dad, he said he lost the credit but will get more money for you tomorrow, i should have it by the time Scouts rolls around)

Finally, I’ve been experiencing a rather strange phenomonon recently. Food, in general, has stopped tasting good. Too much sugar? Not enough sleep? General stomache problems? They probably all contribute, but even my more preferred foods have ceased tasting as delicious as they should. My best guess is just a lack of sleep, because whenever I don’t get enough sleep, I find myself not seeing food as attractive. We shall see.

So THIS is What Sewage is Made of! (O.o)

And no, sewage does not contain money or candy, it’s just as bad as the movies say. Our house has a bi-annual thing is does where some mythical object gets stuck in a pipe, and so the sewage backs up into this gigantic metal sink we have in the basement. Half the time we can plunge it out ourselves (boy is that fun!), the other half we are forced to call Roto-Rooter. This is the disadvantage of living in the basement by yourself. My room doesn’t smell, but whenever I walk out the door, it’s like getting trout slapped, several times over. If you don’t know what being trout slapped is, Google it, or have someone take a trout, and proceed to slap you.

I “overslept” for church today, again, but I believe it isn’t me that’s oversleeping. I have no problems waking up for school with no sleep, I should not face troubles with church. My mom also seems to stay home whenever I “oversleep”. To spell it out for you, I think my mom is just covering for herself.

Apparantly my dad’s coming home with KFC, and Jesse and Benjamin. I am determined to show them, and make them love Fullmetal. By the end of today they will have seen good anime. And they will be better for it. On that topic, my next 29 episodes are 54% done. I left it on overnight, so it should be done tomorrow if I do it again tonight.


Wewt. Sunday was nift-o. Church was standard, and as it turns out, the “sound team” has officially become “set everything up team”. I don’t mind all that much, but it sort of gets annoying when you have to spend 30 minutes before and after church moving stuff. Plus, this team consists of no adults, so it’s just us four teenage boys, which is kind of messed up. Having no adult on the team makes it harder to get things across to people who set up food and musical stuff. Bah, humbug. Church was good, though it’s starting to center almost entirely around Greg and Sunday School. We did Hell (part 1), but unfortunately I forgot all the questions I was gonna ask when the time came. I think some of you guys might like Greg, he explains stuff far better than I can.

Wonga. I don’t usually talk that much about church.

Anyways, Monday had it’s ups and downs. I woke up late, at 7:30, so I was sprinting around looking for pants, of which I had none, so I had to wear my pair that were olive and too small (strangely enough the waist is still too big despite this, I hate how they make clothes) for me. Got to school alright, had a pretty easy English and Chemistry test, though the Chemistry one might be a little low, at least B+ range , methinks. Didn’t have much homework at all, just Math, and I ignored the German. Pah.

Spent most of my time home talking with people and shtuff.

After spending a total of 5 hours in the car we finally got Jonathan AND Christopher back, but Jonathan’s bag didn’t show up, so that’s no good. It’s nice to see them again (my hyper activity failed after 5 hours in that car.) and all that jazz. Jonathan brought Seasons 1-3 of Family Guy with him, so…heh…we managed to get to sleep about 4:30 AM, not too late for me but we woke up at 8:15-ish for church, so, I’m running low on sleep. :-/

I got a couple compliments on my haircut at church, which really makes me happy, heh…apparantly it “amuses” Sho…I’m wondering what that’s all about.

I’m not feeling too great, so ‘ll be heading out now…


I’ve had a really good weekend. Friday was nifty, spent it playng games and talking to people, ordered out for pizza and wings, lots of fun. Saturday’s SAT II wasn’t nearly as bad as I had expected. It was pretty easy, but the diagram of the heart and of the grasshopper almost screwed e over. Other than those, I only omitted 3 questions, I think I probably got 11 wrong, which gives me a 750. For those who don’t know how SAT scoring works…every question you get correct is +1 point. Every question you get wrong, you get -.25 points. Every question you omit does nothing. That’s your raw score. They use some table of conversions to get a number between 200 and 800, 800 being highest. To get an 800, you could get a 77 raw score minimum, etc. To be above 700, you can get a raw of 68. Pretty easy.

I’m probably gonna take Thief back…I just haven’t been interested in it enough. I dunno what I’ll get in return, maybe Gladius, I dunno. A new controller would be good, considering I have two not-so-great controllers. Meh.

Sunday was nice, too. I went to church (with donuts as my breakfast) and there was a pretty weird kid in our Sunday school class…from Tennessee. Pocketwatch, shirt and tie, apparantly his family is buying a vinyard and already have a piece of property up here. Kinda weird. After church I went home for an hour and took care of the dogs. Went to Miller’s house where we played Halo and watched a bunch of animations and stuff. Went home for an hour, took care of the dogs and had a fn time at Sam’s house. We watched The Pianist. That was a hard movie to watch. Bah. The’yre kicking us out.


Yes. You may notice the new title. This one will be used sparingly, but it fits my situation ALL too well. We’ll start on Friday.

So I went over to Sams, we played games, we had fun, and at 2:00 PM on Saturday I went home. I decorated my house with CHRISTMAS STUFF!!!! for 3 hours, then Daniel came over. If we’ve ever beaten a game to death in one night, we definately did it last ‘night’. We started play Return of the Kind at 6:00, we beat the game by about 1 AM, then leveled all of the characters and unlocked all of the levels and crap. Seriously. 13 hours straight of one game is like “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”. Yes, we went to sleep at 7:00. And woke up at 8. One hour of sleep. ONE HOUR OF SLEEP. ONE HOUR OF SLEEP!!!! Yikes.

I took a 6 hour nap earlier, so I’m a little better now.


Umm. ok. Interesting day. Went to church, that was boring. Went to Miller’s, that was fun. We played Gunbound, Mark came over, it was pretty fun. Other than that, it was very…Sunday-ish.

Yesterday was really really boring. Yet another Saturday of nothing. I spent all day playing Gunbound, and it really was not a satisfying day. [sigh] No complaining.

Only 3 days to Thanksgiving, 2 days till the break. yAy. Can’t wait for the break. It will suck, though. So many relatives in our house. So much cleaning I’m going to have to do. But oh well.

I really need another shower. So I’m going to take one. And hopefully get some sleep. yAy.

An okay day. Went to church, talked to people, had people over, played games with people. Fun stuff. I gotta stop inviting people over when I get a hold of a new game. I sit there and ignore everyone else. Anyways, nothing of incredible importance happened today.

Yesterday was awfully boring though. Nothing happened. At all. I mean…at all. Just sat there, played games. [sigh] Another day where I wish I had a girlfriend.

Just not in the mood for anything…nothing at all. One of those days where you should be having fun, and I was, it was lots of fun. But I dunno, once they left I just went downhill. [sigh]


Interesting day. All my days are interesting, actually, but I can’t think of a better word to describe my day, or I just don’t feel like putting forth the effort. Hehe. Anyways, church was…church. Nothing really happened. Sam, Jesse, Ben, Nolan came over, they played Halo, Sam and I chatted with people online. Overall fun.

Not much has happened today, but that’s ok. Skool tomorrow!

A thing on Chivalry I had saved in my emails, which I like referring to.

The Points of Chivalry:

Justice: Seek always the path of ‘right’, unencumbered by bias or personal interest. Recognize that the sword of justice can be a terrible thing, so it must be tempered by humanity and mercy. If the ‘right’ you see rings agrees with others, and you seek it out without bending to the temptation for expediency, then you will earn renown beyond measure.

Loyalty: Be known for unwavering commitment to the people and ideals you choose to live by. There are many places where compromise is expected; loyalty is not amongst them.

Defense: The ideal knight was sworn by oath to defend his liege lord and those who depended upon him. Seek always to defend your nation, your family, and those to whom you believe worthy of loyalty.

Courage: Being a knight often means choosing the more difficult path, the personally expensive one. Be prepared to make personal sacrifices in service of the precepts and people you value. At the same time, a knight should seek wisdom to see that stupidity and courage are cousins. Courage also means taking the side of truth in all matters, rather than seeking the expedient lie. Seek the truth whenever possible, but remember to temper justice with mercy, or the pure truth can bring grief.

Faith: A knight must have faith in his beliefs, for faith roots him and gives hope against the despair that human failings create.

Humility: Value first the contributions of others; do not boast of your own accomplishments, let others do this for you. Tell the deeds of others before your own, according them the renown rightfully earned through virtuous deeds. In this way the office of knighthood is well done and glorified, helping not only the gentle spoken of but also all who call themselves knights.

Largesse: Be generous in so far as your resources allow; largesse used in this way counters gluttony. It also makes the path of mercy easier to discern when a difficult decision of justice is required.

Nobility: Seek great stature of character by holding to the virtues and duties of a knight, realizing that though the ideals cannot be reached, the quality of striving towards them ennobles the spirit, growing the character from dust towards the heavens. Nobility also has the tendency to influence others, offering a compelling example of what can be done in the service of rightness.

Franchise: Seek to emulate everything I have spoken of as sincerely as possible, not for the reason of personal gain but because it is right. Do not restrict your exploration to a small world, but seek to infuse every aspect of your life with these qualities. Should you succeed in even a tiny measure then you will be well remembered for your quality and virtue.


Wow. Surreality. Today was cool. Church was compeltely uneventful. Not that same without Daniel, but I’m gonna have to adjust. Had like 5 chocolate chip muffins, they still haven’t worn off. Sam came with me after church, we spent an entire 8 hours playing Vice City, Quake III, Halo, and CS., but with a difference – it was on my 27″ TV. Yes, with my TV’s audio. It’s so wonderful. Halo graphix on 27″ of visual goodness. Text below 20 point is hard to read, but who uses a TV for text? In any case, Sam undured me as I rearranged my room [again]. He’s very patient to sit there as I spend 30 minutes moving my bed, my desk, computer, and night stand. My new set up is still being tweaked. Tomorrow I will probably switch the couch and bed, considering the bed sticks out REALLY far from the wall and stuff…….you’d have to see it to understand. In any case, it will be really cool once I finish re arranging.

As I was looking through my IHS Porgram of Studies, I dsicovered I can take Intoduction to Programming next year. SCORE!!! I will take it with Course 2, since I can’t get into to Introduction to Programming 2 without Course 2. Whee! If I can take it, I’ll be taking [AP] Computer Science in my senior year. Boo ya.

Cool day. Lots of homework to do…


Interesting ending to an interesting day. Nothing amazing happened. Talked with people, did homework till late at night, depriving myself of sleep. I need sleep right now. I still haven’t finished my homework.

The Young Life meeting was………………..interesting. It wasn’t much fun, you felt absolutely idiotical with all the parents standing right there. Not much fun. Just a big thing over not much. We’ll probably be hosting it in our garage again this year, so I’ll be going. Oh well.

Church sucked. Today sucked. I managed only to sniff, but, I wish I just wasn’t there. I went with Jesse and Ben and Nolan to shoot Jesse’s new .22 and his other 20-gauge. It was fun, I had never fired a 20 gauge before. His dad shot a deer slug [that’s a bullet] into a milk jug filled with water. He hadn’t sighted it correctly, so it only skimmed it. It still shredded the jug though. Meanwhile its like 45 degrees out there. I’ve been tired all day, sniffing all day. Oh well. Definately could have been a better day. The shooting was an improvement on the day, at least.

Whatever. I need sleep. I think I’m just gonna do my math homework that I was supposed to do tonight at study hall tomorrow. I need another day of rest. Most of my weekend was spent worrying and being mad/sad. Not fun at all.


Sorry folks! It’s been 3 days since my last post. I hope you haven’t wasted your time checking too often.

The last few days have been cool. Friday Jonathan picked me up from school. We stayed up all night watching ‘National Security’, eating calzones, and playing Fusion Frenzy. It was awesome. And National Security is HILARIOUS. A lot of swearing a racial remarks, though. Anyways. On Saturday I took the German proficiency test, which I’m pretty sure I got an A on. After that I went to Sam’s birthday party, at his friend, Ben Myer’s house. That was really cool. We played Halo and Unreal Tournament and all kinds of other games. I met Ben, Jared, and Zach there. Weilin was there, but I already knew him. After that I watched the Two Towers, and then came Church. That was interesting, as in Sunday School we have about 15 people in our class. Then came the abstinence class, and that was the rest of my day. OH! I forgot! After I got back from the party Saturday, my video card had arrived. I installed it and it came with Serious Sam. Its an old FPS. Anyways, Saturday was uneventful. I went to Daniel’s house and we played Halo, but that’s about it. Went home, played CS, watched the Two Towers, and went to bed. School was also uneventful. I discovered shoving people out of the way is rather effective for getting to DDP. I also discovered that iBen Myers is in my DDP class. Never noticed!

Ah well. I should go get my uniform for Scouts on.