Wow, I am just so hyper. *bounce, bounce* Found out that Kat is a 20 minute walk or a 5/10 minute bike away, Paul, Sam, and Weilin are only a 20 minute bike. WOOT! Bad timing for the relatives-seeing-time (cheers to spending time with 3 bouncy, teenage, probably preppy cousins!) but that’s really okay. I’ll spend Friday at Paul’s house and Saturday is Daniel’s LAN. THEN, the day after, I’m off to good old Boy Scout Camp. It should be fun, but it will be a really hard week to be away. Weilin is leaving for China, Jared may have a party, I won’t be able to check word from Cornell, just lots of stuff. I doubt I’ll post till after Boy Scout Camp, so savor this. Not that you would. But try. Make me feel good? Please?

Right-o. I can’t wait to get home already, I haven’t even left. So I lent Pandora Tomorrow to Zach so he can burn it while I’m gone. Great game. 🙂 I redownloaded Linkin Park (I’m being terribly illegal today) because Paul reminded me of it earlier. I maintain that they lack skill, but it’s still nice to listen to. As I sit here at 2:30, I laugh knowing that I have only a backpack as luggage. I know for sure my parents brought at least one large suitcase for this 2-night trip. *snicker* Oh so hyper. I neeeeed an OUTPUT! I need to vent! Running might help…maybe I could like…ARRRRRRRGH. I have nothing else to say! Woo!


Ah, the weekend. So far nothing of interest has come today. I’m sitting here, at my computer, typing into my blog on a Saturday afternoon. I could be out raking leaves for money, but I don’t have much of a desire to do such. I spent my afternoon playing Gunbound, and I am REALLY bad at that game, it’s depressing. For those of you who don’t know, Gunbound is a poorly translated Korean game somewhat similar to Scorched Earth. It’s online, you play with some people, and you shoot eachother in turns. It’s kind of fun. Last night Ben, Zach and I spoke mangled Spanish and German to all the people that came into our room. I feel sorry for those poor souls who wandered into our room titled ‘sexy ham……please?’. Yes, all very random, but it was great fun.

Yesterday was good, talked to lots of people and lots of people talked to me. Nothing of amazing importance happened. Jonathan is back for the weekend, though. He was showing me some of his music. He’s trying to get me off Linkin Park, and onto more skillful music, as he calls it. Stuff like A Perfect Circle and Coldplay and stuff. I don’t really listen to Linkin Park all that much anyways. BUt it’s been a fun weekend so far.

A note! PLEASE TAKE THE SURVEY I LINKED TO IN THE SIDEBAR! So far six people, including me, have taken it. I would like to know what you all think. The survey is on what you think of me, it has 20 questions. Answer them honestly please, I have no way of knowing who said what. I can only know if you took the survey, and if you don’t leave your name saying you took the survey, I don’t even know that. Just take it please, I’d really love to know.


Tried to give you warning

But everyone ignores me

Told you everything you loud and clear

But nobody’s listening

Called to you so clearly

But you don’t wanna hear me

Told you everything loud and clear

But nobody’s listening

Got a heart full of pain, head full of stress

Nobody’s Listening

Hand full of anger held in my chest

Nobody’s listening

Uphill struggle, blood, sweat, and tears

Nobody’s listening

Nothing to gain, everything to fear

Nobody’s listening

I should have listened to my better senses.

On a different plane, I downloaded some Linkin Park music. Feels nice to have something different with a good tune. I’ve also decided to make the titles for all my posts smilies. From best to worst, here’s a chart of what each smiley will represent.

^^ – best



>.< – worst

I like the way those things express my feelings about stuff. They actually look like me, a bit. 0.o

I will try and edit my previous posts’ titles to match this format.


Day started out good, got most of my observation for Bio done. Went over to Sam’s house, we played some games, nothing much happened. Day kinda fell apart though…[sigh] Oh well. Excuse me a moment as I kick the wall.

Nothing that concerns anyone else, only me, so I’m not sharing it. Though I will share my feelings on it, however. Sucks so bad to be in my positiong at this moment. [sigh] Why me? Why me? Why do I gotta be the one with this damn [pardon the curse, but no other word suffices in expressing my feelings right now…] curse? WHY? Any other problem would have been fine, but why do I gotta be the one that’s ugly? I hate myself, I really do. I thought maybe it wasn’t true, but now I KNOW it is, I really am my own enemy. [sigh] Back to where I started.

I need song lyrics right now that sufficiently describe my feelings…