All YOUR FACE are Belong to Us (O.o)

Close runner-ups for the title of this post: “Armed with Honor” “Gravity is a Harsh Mistress” “Divorce Court” “All YOUR MOM are Belong to Us”

I’ve begun the process of upgrading all the components in my computer. Starting with this case. The specs will be along these lines, minimum:

  • ~425W PSU – $50 or $60
  • 6600 GT (subject to change) – $180 or $120
  • AMD Athlon 64 3400+ (newcastle, subject to change) – $180 or $240
  • 64-bit, dual channel, hyper-transport, raid 0/1/0+1, etc. mobo (subject to change) – $150 – $225
  • ~768MB PC3700 (subject to change)- $200 or $300
  • black DVD/CD-ROM, and CD/RW, and floppy – $75
  • RAPTOR! – $160

adds to approximately 1095 dollars – about 750 of that is subject to change, because of new technology that may be coming out – it’s why I’m buying the case, then PSU, then ROMs first. After that, comes the mobo/proc, then the RAM, the GPU, and finally the new hardrives. We ordered the case tonight, so it should arrive Friday. I’ll order the PSU as soon as I have the money (basically whenever I mow again). The mobo/proc have to come together, so it will take basically all summer to get that collected (unless I get hired by Mr. Shapiro, or find another available job). I’m excited, anyways.

I stayed home to do lots of things today – find this case and PSU and ROMs, prepare the lesson I taught at Bible Study (which went okay, I thought – definitely could have been better, but nobody responds to anything I say, making it harder to adjust), do English work, Math, and study for my Chemistry and Math finals. I also watched Best in Show last night, which was quite hilarious. I still have Time Bandits, the Star Wars commentaries (I’m curious to see what George has to say..), and Bandits on the current pile of things to watch. The pile’s a lot smaller than it used to be, that’s for sure. I don’t think I mentioned this before – I watched the Tick (a single season comedy that was canceled by FOX a while back), which was also very, very funny. It was only 9 episodes, since it got cut, and it was really low budget, but it was really funny. In the stupid kind of way, that some may not be able to appreciate. And now…a shower.