24 is Not Enough (O.o)

I swear, whoever decided on making days only 24-hours needs to remedy this situation immediately. I’ve spent this entire week staring at this screen and at books, my head hurts, I’m learning way too much. I finally got the motivation to start up with PHP and Javascript, in lieu of my blog changes. In addition to this, I got a different C++ book from my Java teacher, which I’m not sure I like better than the one I have. I’ve probably spent a total of 40 hours doing work on the blog and blog-related locale so far, with more work to do still. I desperately need time, I keep finding myself looking up to find the clock at 11:30, with my homework still not done. It doesn’t help that spring is now here, and mowing customers are calling. Speaking of which, I have to mow a lawn in a few minutes, so this will be fairly short.

Let me know what you think of the changes – I need suggestions. I’m really liking the improvements thus far. It feels a lot more professional and organized to me.

The Halo 2 playlist update and ranking reset was today, but I haven’t been able to touch Halo 2 for three days. Gotta get to that tonight.