In honour (that’s the English spelling…I like it better) of the 200th post, I have redesigned the blog! It’s not 100% done as of right now, but I like it. Lemme know what you think, or if it doesn’t display correctly. Most of the changes are pretty obvious, but some you might not have noticed. I dropped the header down a bit, and added a border on the bottom of the mood. I removed the bottom and right borders and the sidebar and changed the existing ones to dashed. Overall, I think this works a lot better.

Enjoy. At least, I hope you will.

And if you’re using 800×600 resolution – don’t even start with me. I refuse to go to any great lengths to make this blog work for you. ‘Nuff said. I checked all the IPs and as far as I can tell nobody from New York is using 800×600.