I’m in Colorado. And it’s not all that great. I have altitude sickness, which apparently won’t wear off till tomorrow morning. And there’s nothing to do.

For those of you who don’t know, altitude sickness happens when you go above 8000 ft. It has somehting to do with the lack of oxygen, and air pressure. I threw up last night, and I’m pretty nauseated right now. Sarah’s parents are nice, but they’re pretty much what I expected. We go skiing tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday, which might be fun, but I just don’t want to get sunburned. Yes, you can get sunburned. You’re actually more likely to get sunburn than in Hawaii furing the summer.

Let me start a little point counter here, for how the trip is going.

I met Tim Hume yesterday, and he’s kinda cool, though I expected him to be like 30-ish. He’s like 40-something. IF I get to see him later in the week and talk to him and stuff, that would be a +1.

I got to see Claire, my dead cousin Pete’s wife. She’s pretty cool, in a spunky kind of way. She reminds me of Allison Hogue, for those of you who know her. If I get to see her more often, that would be a +1.

The Rockys are beautiful. You can see for like up to 250 miles, depending on where the mountain line is. +1.

Altitude sickness sucks. I’ve had it for like 24 hours now, and it’s really making things miserable. -2.

I was never able to get those CDs. I completely forgot when we went to best buy, so I all; I had to bring that I had room for was JoC and RotK. I also wasn’t able to get a charger for the GBA, which my mom is yet again trying to revive. I have batteries, but they’ll run out. -1.

I got forced to spend 3 hours with Sarah going around town. -1.

I had to give up spending the night at Jesse’s house on Sunday night. -1.

The plane ride(s) were pretty bad. We woke up at 6:00 to drive for 1.5 hours to Rochester, to ride a plan for an hour, to wait for 3 hours in Newark, to ride a 4 hour plane to Denver, to drive 3 hours to here. Half the time we were carrying luggage or stuff on our laps. *mutter* -1.

Overall stuff affecting my mood about the trip:

I’m missing my incoming Airsoft shipment. -1.

I’m missing two days of school for this trip. -1.

None of my friends are going anywhere. -1.

Overall score: -6. Not very cool.