never forget

if you have strong feelings about 9/11, you might want to skip this one. this is one of those days that i can’t nod along and bite my tongue.

“never forget” is an awful motto.

sure, there are countless stories of heroism and selflessness that we get to recount, and that’s what many people will say they refuse to forget.

but the legacy of 9/11, as it will go into history books, is not of first responders running up the stairs and passengers taking down a plane.

“never forget” is a commandment that we stay bitter, harbor resentment, and relive painful memories so that we stay angry and foster ill will.

“never forget” is a cynical phrase used to perpetuate our endless conflict in the middle east and our farcical war on terror.

9/11 is the beginning of my acquaintance with america as a nation that abuses its power on the global stage. someone bombed us, and in return we bombed the poorest nation on earth into oblivion. then we invaded another country on false pretenses because, hey, we were in the neighborhood.

extract whatever heartwarming memories you want from 9/11, but the terrorists got exactly what they wanted. our country has never been weaker or more unstable than it is today. 16 years of unjust war may have something to do with that.