It’s one thing to piss on Bethesda; they’ve been remaking Morrowind for a decade. It’s hard to say they know any better. Blizzard, on the other hand, should damn well know better.

I don’t think I need to spend much time explaining Blizzard’s past achievements. Starcraft, Diablo 1 & 2, and Warcraft 2 & 3 were all stellar, each in their own way. Well-developed storylines that take place within lovingly crafted universes, memorable characters with great dialogue, fantastically deep and novel mechanics, and badass cutscenes to boot. WoW, too, was a grand achievement, if only because it so thoroughly excelled beyond every other MMO on the market. What the hell happened since then? Why do I hate everything they’ve done in the last 3 years?

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Some of you know I’m doing a LAN party of sorts on the 31st, my birthday. I have some “official” details involving this, so listen up, y’all:

It’s gonna be on March 31st, which is a Friday, 19 days from now. Required items:

  • $5 dollars (I’ll need all of it)
  • Your Computer (please don’t bring anything less than 500 mhz, this isn’t a Smithsonian exhibit)
  • CAT5, ~20 ft length (NECESSARY)
  • Large blanket (explained later)

Other helpful but not necessary items:

  • A large hub/switch. Larger is MUCH better. Karel said he might have this covered, but, just in case, please bring one, if possible.
  • Starcraft (we can burn copies, but…)

I’m having issues with the limit of people that will be here. I had originally wanted to keep it at 8, but I will have to go to 10 for various reasons. 10 is pretty much the max, for a lot of reasons. Various information involving this:

  • Starcraft, the main game, only supports 8 people. This in itself is okay, as I’m willing to sit back and let other poeple play, but we obviously can’t go much higher than that.
  • Starcraft will be a mix of melee and custom games. I know a lot of the people coming aren’t good at melee, but a few of the people that are much prefer melee (I enjoy it a lot too), so I’ll do my best to make a balance.
  • Other games that are up in the air are Tribes 2, Warcraft III, and Quake 3, these are all possibilities. If you have ideas, LET ME KNOW SOON. Games must be at least 8 player, and fairly low performance.
  • We’ll be playing in my basement, not the attic, so space will be slightly tighter than in the attic, but I’m confident there will be room. This means that if it’s between bringing a laptop and a desktop, you really, really should bring a laptop.
  • I am not entirely sure how sleeping arrangements will work. I have one extra bed and one couch in the basement – most of the basement is unfurnished, so a lot of the space is no-go. We may have to stretch to the living room, which has three couches (let’s see, that’s 5 people covered thus far). This means a few people (assuming all 10 sleep over, which isn’t going to happen) will have to sleep on the floor. I have blankets and such, but, BE PREPARED. Bring a large blanket or something.

If you want to come, let me know, maybe we can work something out. Some of you may have noticed that this coincides with my birthday; please DON’T get me presents. PLEASE. It’s not a birthday party, it’s an excuse to have a LAN. If you really, really, really want to, fine, but there won’t be a ceremony or anything. You have your warning.