I took more quizilla tests. It appears I would be a white rose, too. Rather amusing.

Nothing has happened today. More relatives arrive at 7:30 or 8:00. More arrive tomorrow night. Even more arrive friday. Most of them leave Saturday. Ugh. I played lots of Gunbound, I’ll play more, too. I have nothing better to do.


Umm. ok. Interesting day. Went to church, that was boring. Went to Miller’s, that was fun. We played Gunbound, Mark came over, it was pretty fun. Other than that, it was very…Sunday-ish.

Yesterday was really really boring. Yet another Saturday of nothing. I spent all day playing Gunbound, and it really was not a satisfying day. [sigh] No complaining.

Only 3 days to Thanksgiving, 2 days till the break. yAy. Can’t wait for the break. It will suck, though. So many relatives in our house. So much cleaning I’m going to have to do. But oh well.

I really need another shower. So I’m going to take one. And hopefully get some sleep. yAy.


Ah, the weekend. So far nothing of interest has come today. I’m sitting here, at my computer, typing into my blog on a Saturday afternoon. I could be out raking leaves for money, but I don’t have much of a desire to do such. I spent my afternoon playing Gunbound, and I am REALLY bad at that game, it’s depressing. For those of you who don’t know, Gunbound is a poorly translated Korean game somewhat similar to Scorched Earth. It’s online, you play with some people, and you shoot eachother in turns. It’s kind of fun. Last night Ben, Zach and I spoke mangled Spanish and German to all the people that came into our room. I feel sorry for those poor souls who wandered into our room titled ‘sexy ham……please?’. Yes, all very random, but it was great fun.

Yesterday was good, talked to lots of people and lots of people talked to me. Nothing of amazing importance happened. Jonathan is back for the weekend, though. He was showing me some of his music. He’s trying to get me off Linkin Park, and onto more skillful music, as he calls it. Stuff like A Perfect Circle and Coldplay and stuff. I don’t really listen to Linkin Park all that much anyways. BUt it’s been a fun weekend so far.

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