No Subscription Fee? (O.o)

I think I am officially done with the appearance changes. Now to get working on that profile…

Yesterday ended up being pretty rough. There were a number of things going on at once, none of which were helping the other. It’s been remedied now, but I lost a lot of sleep in the process.

One random thing: I got a “raise” from one of my mowing customers. Two extra dollars if I sweep the grass off the lawn. Considering this is a lawn which formerly payed 8 dollars for 40 minutes of work, and now pays 10 dollars for 45 minutes of work, this is good.

Scouts last night was kind of mediocre, mostly due to the new rules on our games of ultimate. The game becomes a lot less fun when you’re constantly told to hold back because of younger scouts not being able to keep up. I enjoy playing sports a lot, but it almost seems like the entire purpose is taken away when you can’t play to the best of your ability. I can understand holding back when facing a younger scout, but if I’m guarding some guy who’s bigger than me, how is aggressive guarding going to affect the other scouts? Gah.

Beyond that and the drama, there’s Guild Wars. I got the beta for it a while back, it was pretty mediocre then. It’s done now, and looks pretty darn good, but mostly because it has no subscription fee. The madness of an MMO with no fee is….maddeningly mad. As soon as I get payed by the customers, it’s mine. I haven’t played a good recent RPG in so long. I have high hopes.

THIS is the Rock For You (O.o)

Version 2, of Halo 2, I present to you.

O Halo Two, how I love you,
you give me so many things to do!

With just a single DVD,
you unleash a world of glee!

Never straining the Front Side Bus,
for you were coded in C++!

Such an arsenal to explore,
with which to make war!

So many maps to inhabit,
awesome is what you emit!

Powered by a large Xbox,
you clearly rock my socks!

Halo Two, I kindly request of thee,
thy hand in marriage to me!


I might seem a little complaintitive this post…we’ll see.

I went rafting with boy scouts over the weekend, which was marginally fun. The actual rafting wasn’t that great – the water was low, I was pretty cold a lot of the time, and this 250 lb. weight in the form of an adult going on the trip was in our boat. He wouldn’t stop talking, he wouldn’t paddle, it was like, he had ADD or something. The fun part of rafting was the water fights (the water was probably 50-ish, but with wetsuits and a lot of layers on, it wasn’t too bad), but by the time we got our hands on a water gun, everybody was done with the fights. A shame, truly.

The trip as a whole decided to throw every annoying person at me it could. I had to ride down to the camp site (two hours or more to drive down) with the aforementioned hippie vegetarian (i don’t have a problem with vegetarianism unless it’s for stupid reasons…which his were). After sitting in the tent with Jesse and Benjamin for a couple hours, I walk out and find Michael trying to make a fire, by literally clumping together a bunch of twigs, throwing them in between two giant logs, and then throwing two sticks on top of that. I kid you not. I’m like “Dude, you gotta spread it out, there’s no air in there. You also need some kind of ignitor, those twigs aren’t just gonna light!” After sticking a piece of cardboard under it, and 9 or 10 matches failing, I tell him to move his stuff and let me get it started. After 30 minutes or so of collecting bark, Nolan and I got it roaring, and that was that. Further confrontations over how to cook the chicken, boil water, and clean up ensued. We ate fajitas, which I must say, were pretty good, despite the lack of sour cream and taco sauce. Benjamin’s sausages were good too.

The most fun of it all was once we got to bed, when Benjamin, Jesse, and I are just laying there. We always have really interesting conversations. Not as in, intellectually stimulating, but generally hilarious. Quotes like…

“She’s hot.

She’s nice.

…she talks to me.”

result from Jesse’s confessions on his love life. But you don’t need to hear that.

In other news: I missed last night’s episode of Family Guy, which spears my heart like poisoned arrows. I am rectifying this situation as we speak, however. Also, I’ve added a lot more content and such to the server, I’m not done yet, but there’s more to look at if you so desire. That’s about all for today.

The Stranglehold Knot (O.o)

I slept in for a wonderful many hours today. It feels so good.

Greg did the external evidence of the Bible on Sunday. Good stuff, I say, although I knew a good bit of it (half-ish). Afterwards, Daniel trotted on over and we had a jolley olde time. We ran out and rented Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2, and watched both, with some pizza and EXTREME!! ping pong thrown in between. The ping pong consisted of us standing on opposing benches, seperated by the picnic table, and wielding bats. The goal was to keep the ball in the air. Pretty extreme, I know.

Kill Bill was highly worth seeing, although I can certainly see why some don’t like it. The violence wasn’t all that bad, although I’m pretty used to that style of gore. I’m not really sure which one I liked more, though. My guess is Vol. 2, since the action sequences were of higher quality, and the story was a little easier to follow, but I can’t be totally sure. They were both pretty good.

After sitting on the couch for 3 hours and 45 minutes, we jumped on the computer to attempt trickery upon IM. For the most part, it worked. Gwen was probably the must gullible (and that’s saying a lot), I can definately say she never caught on. Pretty sad, I say.

I haven’t done much today besides play Gothic and Warcraft III. I just got back from Boy Scouts. I went with the intention to quit Boy Scouts, but, I’m not sure I have the heart to do it. It’s pretty fun, and if I ever have time, I’d wanna come back. I signed up for the rafting trip at the end of the month, which has been fun in the past.

And finally, the Halo 2 autoliveupdate came out today. I haven’t gotten to see it yet, but I’m gonna try and pull myself away from the computer in a few minutes. w00t!


New screens on the upcoming Halo 2 content!

Pure awesome.

Three Trees Can Only Be So Interesting (O.o)

Another day-by-day breakdown of the recent events, brought to you by yours truly.

Thursday was cold. When I say cold, I mean -30 cold, as well as harsh cold. I did indeed ski in that -30 wind chill, while missing a movie with those smart enough not to ski. It was one of those lose-lose situations…either way, I’d miss hanging out with a few people, but the added weight of “you already missed one day of skiing, don’t waste more of our money” is what truly tipped the scale. The skiing itself was, at best, marginally bad. All the powder had been robbed from us honest skiers by the bloody snowboarders, and we were left with the rough equivelant of an ice rink, except you had the occasional snowblower freezing your face, which are lacking in most ice rinks (to my knowledge).

Friday was mildly good. I went over to Ben’s for his party thing, which sort of turned out sub-par because nobody showed up. It was kinda fun though, cause I got to see Eddie Izzard (that was a shock, I was expecting some funky and lanky dude, reminiscent of Chris Rock, but I recieved instead, a transvestite with leather bellbottoms and a face akin to a woman I shovel snow for).

Saturday brought about the Klondike, which is a fairly big Scouting thing where Troops compete for the District award (dubbed the Klonduck, as it is a red & white barber pole with a duck nailed atop of it). For the third year in a row, our troop (troop 2) won (absolutely no surprise). We had 77 points at the end of the day (after being shafted at least 5 points total for retarded things), the next highest had 64. That was pretty fun overall, although the pushing a very heavy sled (I’m guessing 70 pounds, I’m really not sure) up a very large hill with considerable amounts of snow. Hopefully the pictures of me on fire (it’s hard to explain, but I was so hot and so sweaty that every inch of my body was steaming, it looks pretty awesome) turned out well, but I doubt they did since he had to do a long exposure to get the steam.

Saturday night we slept outside (no shelter, the logs we were using snapped after we got 50 or so pounds of snow on top of it), it was about 15, at most 20 out, but it was pretty warm. Benjamin, Daniel, Jesse and I all stayed up talking to eachother for a good 5 hours, and boy was THAT weird. The tree analogies and random word-connection games we played definately got odd. The title refers the the three trees I was forced to stare at for 3 hours as we talked, which never changed, and got awfully boring to look at. For those of you about to say “so turn over”, remember that it’s 15 degrees out, and I had to be in a rather specific position to maintain the perfect temperature.

Sunday I got back home about 11:00. I wanted to go to church, but I smelled and looked awful (consider: no shower saturday, plus campfire and extreme amounts of smoke, plus sleeping outside in a sleeping bag, plus that gigantic workout going up the hill, plus random food, makes for a less than stellar smell), so I opted to get a shower and such. [geek] I spent my spare time searching for Gameboy and N64 emulators (which I found, although I have yet to find N64 ROMs). I’ve almost beaten the Gameboy Zelda (I spent a lot of time being really bad at this game as a younger child), and this of course brings up the desire to play the Ocarina of Time (upon remembering the game, it may rival FFVII as the best game ever created, but I’m not completely sure). [/geek] I also talked to Sean from Young Life a little bit, which is always nice.

Today has been very pleasant, and perfectly filled with events. I’ve had enough to keep me busy, but not so much as to get me frustrated. I went to a 30 minute Young Life thing-doodle at Wegmans (easy access to cheap food), met and re-met a few of the guys in that (They’re all seniors, I’m the only underclassman), talked for a bit, nothing out of the ordinary. From there I went to Chili’s with mom and dad, ate, went to Scouts, home, and that’s that. Somewhere in there I also talked to Christopher for 15 minutes, which was spectacular. We’ve challenged eachother to see who can learn how to snowboard faster while we’re in Colorado. We’re both moderately good skiers, he’s been skiing in Canada a number of times, maybe in Colorado once, I’m not sure, he’s been here a few times too.

In unrelated events, I have a few things as well. I finally found and used a crack for the Windows activation thing (just a few hours before Windows would strangle me, too). I talked to Jonothan for 2 or 3 hours the other night (Thursday, possibly Friday I think) which was quite awesome. He told me some of his military stories and stuff he’d heard from comrades of his while he’s been down in Military Police Training Camp (he got called up for training, as did a bunch of random people, in no specific order). I’ll probably post those later, I told half a dozen or so people in my awe at the coolness of them. For now, the possibility of school tomorrow calls. There’s a chance school won’t be in due to some serious flooding in certain parts of the school. One can always hope.


Oy. So camp was an experience, which I will explain in full detail in just a moment. Overall good, some bad stuff, it’s all good in the end. So I got accepted into the Cornell Labs, which has me psyched. I was supposed to start LAST TUESDAY but because of camp, I couldn’t go. The excessive stress involving the LAN party was also caused by camp, as was mowing…camp also pulled me away from home (my computer) for a long time too.

Camp was ok – not great. The tents were really patchy, a LOT of bugs (I counted at least 2 dozen mosquito bites, I usually removed half a dozen daddy-longlegs and 3 or 4 larger-than-normal spiders every night). The food was ok, I only went hungry a few times. I didn’t get a tan, despite being outside the majority of the time. It rained three out of 7 days, all cloudy for at least one other. Constantly having to worry about the infamous bear and pepperoni-stealing raccoon got annoying too. But the merit badges were okay, though I didn’t get to take the ones I wanted. I failed the standard 4-lap swimming test the first day, so I couldn’t get to take small boat sailing or motorboating. In my defense, the lake was < 65 degrees and very wavy. I can do that in a swimming pool easy, but the lake is way harder. Anyways….I got 4 and 1/2 badges, that pleases me.

I started playing FFVIII – it’s better than I had heard. Not awesome or as good as VII, but still worth playing. THat’s about it….tomorrow will be a busy day.


Wow, I am just so hyper. *bounce, bounce* Found out that Kat is a 20 minute walk or a 5/10 minute bike away, Paul, Sam, and Weilin are only a 20 minute bike. WOOT! Bad timing for the relatives-seeing-time (cheers to spending time with 3 bouncy, teenage, probably preppy cousins!) but that’s really okay. I’ll spend Friday at Paul’s house and Saturday is Daniel’s LAN. THEN, the day after, I’m off to good old Boy Scout Camp. It should be fun, but it will be a really hard week to be away. Weilin is leaving for China, Jared may have a party, I won’t be able to check word from Cornell, just lots of stuff. I doubt I’ll post till after Boy Scout Camp, so savor this. Not that you would. But try. Make me feel good? Please?

Right-o. I can’t wait to get home already, I haven’t even left. So I lent Pandora Tomorrow to Zach so he can burn it while I’m gone. Great game. 🙂 I redownloaded Linkin Park (I’m being terribly illegal today) because Paul reminded me of it earlier. I maintain that they lack skill, but it’s still nice to listen to. As I sit here at 2:30, I laugh knowing that I have only a backpack as luggage. I know for sure my parents brought at least one large suitcase for this 2-night trip. *snicker* Oh so hyper. I neeeeed an OUTPUT! I need to vent! Running might help…maybe I could like…ARRRRRRRGH. I have nothing else to say! Woo!


This has been interesting…

Monday was pretty screwed up, the school portion was pretty laborous / torturous. I got home, solved things, a lot better then. Went to Scouts, and we named our patrol the “Ninja(s)”. None of the names really appealed to me beyond all the others, so I suppose it’s at no loss to me. Still had some fun, went home, watched the Last Samurai (until 1:25). So I didn’t get much sleep. But that’s ok, I only need to live without it till Thursday. Tomorrow is gonna be crazy. So far I have three or four quizzes lined up, I gotta read all of the Silmarillion by the end of the week, gonna see Gwen’s play on Wednesday (yes, my birthday) and then there’s always more homework to throw in. Top it all off with a full day with Daniel after school (going to dinner then to his teen bible study) and I have a full week. Should present some interesting results, at least.

Sarah was back for 2 days, she leaves at 5:30 today. She comes back again next Tuesday, finally moves out on Thursday.

Period’s over, I just spent it doing English homework. Oh well. Better than doing it last night, or not at all, I suppose. *rings*


Crash and burn, that’s the word for today.

I had a good day at school, as much as a Monday can go, but I really just crashed when I came home. I literally couldn’t press buttons hard enough or fast enough to play games, I was like, really tired. My true mistake was in taking a nap, and when I woke up two hours later equally tired and very very sweaty, I only had 50 minute before I had to leave Scouts. It took me AGES to do anything, I was and still am out of place. I really need a good night’s rest. I may still leave for Scouts, but the whole reason I couldn’t go is my parents are having people over for dessert, so they can’t take me, and by the time I woke up it was too late to ask for a ride. Oh well. Just one meeting, I guess.


Having recovered from a rough weekend mentally, I stand here, ALIVE!

Boy Scout campout on Saturday / Sunday was fun. As usual our group had our tents and a roaring fire going first. Woke up a dozen times during the night from the cold, all because I chose not to wear socks. *bashes head on floor* Still fun though, and managed to pull me away from my other problem, which I won’t expand on here.

I’m getting closer and closer to beating Ninja Gaiden. I’m on chapter 12 of 16. It’s REALLY HARD though! 😐

Anyways, off I go to read up on the comics.


I can’t remember when I posted last….I think it was Thursday?

The weekend was pretty interesting, though hardly restful. Friday night I went to the Ski-o-ree for Scouts, which was at Greek Peak. Not the best conditions…at all. We had three hours friday night with just one chair – chair two. Pollux is fun and all, but it gets old. We couldn’t ski any of the blacks because most of them were closed. Saturday was a little bit worse and yet better, though. Because the Greek Peak staff is comprised of idiots, we managed to have just the bunny hill for an hour and a half. During this time it was also raining. But once it stopped raining, we got a full mountain pass, sort of, and that wasn’t so bad.

Ninja Gaiden still rocks. That’s my ending word for today.