Bite of the Bagel

As you IE scum can see, things look relatively normal around here. I’ve added a hideous little “notice” box encouraging you to move over to Firefox, which is the suffering you endure for using the crap bucket that is IE. It’s all just some javascript that switches the images to gifs and the css to an IE friendly version. Nothing amazing, it only took about an hour total to do. Be thankful. You are like lasagna without cheese.

So, in an effort to start understanding the constant references to the Godfather in the Sopranos, I sat down and watched half of Part I last night. By the time I had to stop to ensure I got some sleep, I was totally hooked. I’ve been told by many people that it’s possibly the greatest movie of all time, and if nothing else, in the top ten. I’m looking forward to sitting down to it again tonight.

I also watched Batman Begins the other night, which is indeed a good movie. It made me want to see the other Batman movies (read: the first one, not the others). Something I’ve noticed that is unique about Batman is the comlete lack of continuity between each variant, whether it be the cartoon (the dark, shady one, that I wasn’t allowed to watch for the first few years of my youth, I recall it being quite good for a cartoon), the original series (biff! pow!), or the more recent movies. There’s not a lot in common between them. There’s basically a few elements that combine to make the movie: the billionaire Bruce Wayne, the crime-fighting Batman, the crime-ridden Gotham City, and the Bat-accessories. Not even the sidekick Robin is a constant in the equation, which I consider a good thing. It makes for a sort of open book which anybody can pick up, not know anything about Batman, and just get it. That’s healthy story design, I think.

Anyways. I have two programs waiting to be finished, a book to read, and physics.

Speaking of my Physics class, it has reached a low that I was not prepared for. It is boring beyond my wildest dreams. She’s a nice teacher, and I won’t be dropping the class like I normally do when faced with a class that isn’t fun. Even still, when you spend over an hour and a half reviewing three problems, you know someone should be shot, and it’s not the leopard in the corner.

Good night.