too many

too. many. things.

mass coral bleaching

record arctic circle temperatures

dakota access pipeline, ugh

talk about fascism a bunch cause we’re intellectually lazy

every. single. nomination.

the inauguration is coming

brief pause for biden memes

oh god i keep forgetting the supreme court

he’s literally going to run his business from the oval office

the media keeps chasing his stupid tweets

(i mean sure they’re bonafide insanity but this didn’t work during the election, why the hell would it work now)

the electoral college is not going to stop him

a recount is not going to elect her

republicans are not going to disavow him

stop it with these fantasies

breitbart is growing

aleppo is crumbling

another log on the fire of xenophobia courtesy of ohio state

la pen is a nightmare

merkel’s losing her edge

too. many. things.