I spend a lot of time listening to music. A lot of time. For a piece of evidence, you can look at my last.fm profile, which (conservatively speaking) has probably only captured about one-tenth of my listening time since I started using it. These playlists are the culmination of thousands of hours of listening and searching. I'm constantly searching for new music and working to refine my playlists to contain nothing but music that I absolutely love. I hope you like them as much as I do. If you don't, that's okay. I'm not offended. I've posted these because so many people have asked to see the playlists. This is the only way that I can provide them without requiring everyone to use Spotify. They still aren't playable without the software, but at least they're viewable.


My go-to playlist for parties. It's upbeat without being exhausting, has enough variety to satisfy a decent range of tastes, and generally succeeds at keeping the atmosphere energetic and positive. Primarily comprised of indie electronica, synth pop, new wave, nu-disco, and a pinch of alternative rock and hip hop. Example artists: Amtrac, Foster the People, LCD Soundsystem, Digitalism, Passion Pit, Calvin Harris

Keeps the peace

For smaller gatherings when I don't want the music to intrude on conversation. My goal here is to keep it smooth and relaxed, sticking to sounds that guests can ignore if they so desire. Generally consists of downtempo electronica (lo-fi, trip hop, ambient, acid jazz, and dream pop) with limited or soft vocals, moderate to slow-paced beats, and as much groove as possible. Example artists: Pretty Lights, Röyksopp, RJD2, Washed Out, Flying Lotus, Amon Tobin, Lemaitre

Brings the flow

Infrequently played for guests, this playlists caters to my more eccentric tastes. As the name suggests, these tracks are meant to put me in the zone when I'm working, playing games, traveling, or any other lengthy activity. Consists exclusively of electronica, focusing primarily on house, dubstep, and breakbeat with smooth buildups and breakdowns. My preferred driving playlist. Example artists: Infected Mushroom, Danger, Barretso, The M Machine, Shinichi Osawa, Boys Noize, Surkin

Mighty undulations

Reserved for the day when I host a rave (if ever). Featuring heavy bass, massive beats, and loads of repetition, many of these are what the kids would call "bangers" or "ragers". Expect to see drum'n'bass, house, dubstep, and other dance/techno varieties. These are the songs that only reach their full potential with a proper soundsystem that has a large subwoofer. I like walking to this playlist. Example artists: Flux Pavilion, Wolfgang Gartner, Nero, Redial, Bassnectar, Far Too Loud, BetaTraxx


I don't take much pride in this list, honestly. I occasionally have a craving for trance, and that's what this playlist is. Lengthy tracks with absurd amounts of repetition, extremely long buildups and slow breakdowns, and more OOOhs and AAAAhs than you can shake a stick at. Example artists: Marcus Schössow, Ummet Ozcan, Gemini, Kaskade, B-complex, Uppermost, Joonas Hahmo, Minnesota


These are the songs I don't know what to do with because they don't fit into any of the above playlists. A lot of rap and hip hop ends up in here, as well as alternative, indie, and a little bit of jazz. This is my least edited, most rarely used set (though not for lack of respect for the artists). Example artists: Bond, Jedi Mind Tricks, Wu Tang Clan, Editors, Interpol, Bloc Party, The Roots, Cake