Look at the picutres, let me know which you think is best via IM or email. Salandarin@yahoo.com is my email. If you just want to email me casually there, go ahead. Anyways, today was an improvemenet over yesterday. It went by REALLY fast. I can’t remember much of anything from today. Later tonight I may be going to a concert at the Lost Dog with bands I don’t even like. But Zoe and her friend Amy will be there, and providing that they don’t ignore me, it should be fun. Daniel know’s what I’m talking about. [:-P] Oh well, we have a DAY OFF TOMORROW! Yay. I love day offs. Of course THANKSGIVING BREAK IS IN TWO WEEKS!!! I can’t wait. Heehee. Anyways, I’m hoping to have the new background chosen by the end of the week or even today, or whenever, so LET ME KNOW!!! I’m hyper. I had two Vanilla Pepsis. Those things are good.