Ah, the weekend. So far nothing of interest has come today. I’m sitting here, at my computer, typing into my blog on a Saturday afternoon. I could be out raking leaves for money, but I don’t have much of a desire to do such. I spent my afternoon playing Gunbound, and I am REALLY bad at that game, it’s depressing. For those of you who don’t know, Gunbound is a poorly translated Korean game somewhat similar to Scorched Earth. It’s online, you play with some people, and you shoot eachother in turns. It’s kind of fun. Last night Ben, Zach and I spoke mangled Spanish and German to all the people that came into our room. I feel sorry for those poor souls who wandered into our room titled ‘sexy ham……please?’. Yes, all very random, but it was great fun.

Yesterday was good, talked to lots of people and lots of people talked to me. Nothing of amazing importance happened. Jonathan is back for the weekend, though. He was showing me some of his music. He’s trying to get me off Linkin Park, and onto more skillful music, as he calls it. Stuff like A Perfect Circle and Coldplay and stuff. I don’t really listen to Linkin Park all that much anyways. BUt it’s been a fun weekend so far.

A note! PLEASE TAKE THE SURVEY I LINKED TO IN THE SIDEBAR! So far six people, including me, have taken it. I would like to know what you all think. The survey is on what you think of me, it has 20 questions. Answer them honestly please, I have no way of knowing who said what. I can only know if you took the survey, and if you don’t leave your name saying you took the survey, I don’t even know that. Just take it please, I’d really love to know.


Wow. This was quite the eventful day. I go to skool, nothing much happened, but, skool is skool, it’s not gonna change. Anyways, I went to the mall at 6:00. I wandered around for 5 minutes, to find Daniel! I had no idea he was gonna be there, but I’m thankful he was. We wandered around for an hour, and we then watched the Matrix, but that was after we followed Sho, Zoe, Zahra, etc. around the mall for 15 pointless minutes. I don’t know why I tried. They just ignored me, btu I did get to see Zoe for the first time, which was cool. Anyways, Revolutions was cool, but dissapointing. For those of you who haven’t seen it – OH WELL! It had some cool action scenes, especially near the end. Now for my long and lengthy description of my movie watching experience.

The beginning wasn’t impressive. It did it’s job, making Reloaded flow straight into Revolutions. Neo, after stopping the sentinels, went into a coma. At this point, he is stuck between the machine world, and the real world. He cannot leave this place until the trainman lets him. The trainman is a program made by the….[guess] Merolvingian. Seraph, Trinity, and Morpheus then walk through a very controversial dance club [i’ll let your imagination take that away…] and force the Merolvingian to bring Neo back. Neo comes back, and then Bane comes back too. Bane kills a nurse, yea yea. So Neo sees the Oracle, all that stuff. Neo and Trinity then take the Logos to the machine city, and the rest of the crew head for Zion, which at this point is under attack. They do lots of cool scenes with that. Anyways, half of Zon is destroyed, but the Hammer gets back in time to EMP half of all the sentinal forces. Meanwhile Neo and Trinity are at the machine city, and theres some cool scenes against the machines. They send like 5000 little sentinal bombs against them and Neo blows one up, and they all explode…it was cool. Neo talks to the head of Machines, which is really stupid. It’s like this liquid mirror thingy. Really strange. He convinces the mirror to let him into the Matrix so he can fight Smith, this saving Zion. He lets him, and so he goes in. While this is going on, another 100,000 sentinals arrived at Zion and started blowing stuff up again. Neo fights Smith, which includes lots of explosions and water and metorites. It was cool. So Smith eventually copies himself into Neo. But because ‘Neo and Smith are exact opposites’, all 6 billion Smiths…explode. Including Neo. The matrix is rebooted, and a truce is maintained between the machines and the humans. Bad ending.

So that was my day. It was fun.



Go techno, baby! Downloaded about 10 techno songs, ah, I love the stuff. Today was cool. Nothing really happened, but skool was fun. Nobody got mad at me, but yet another day of nothing, something has to happen sometime, I’m getting all paranoid about me not doing anything stupid yet. Maybe I DID do something stupid, I just haven’t realized it. Oh well. Happy day, happy day….hehe.

This day feels like such a blur, and I’m really tired. Woke up at 10:00, our houseguests didn’t leave till noon [about 6 hours after they were supposed to leave], went with Jonathan to see Skool of Rock, was funny, not hilarious, but funny. Other than that, nothing happened. I need sleep.


Wow. Surreality. Today was cool. Church was compeltely uneventful. Not that same without Daniel, but I’m gonna have to adjust. Had like 5 chocolate chip muffins, they still haven’t worn off. Sam came with me after church, we spent an entire 8 hours playing Vice City, Quake III, Halo, and CS., but with a difference – it was on my 27″ TV. Yes, with my TV’s audio. It’s so wonderful. Halo graphix on 27″ of visual goodness. Text below 20 point is hard to read, but who uses a TV for text? In any case, Sam undured me as I rearranged my room [again]. He’s very patient to sit there as I spend 30 minutes moving my bed, my desk, computer, and night stand. My new set up is still being tweaked. Tomorrow I will probably switch the couch and bed, considering the bed sticks out REALLY far from the wall and stuff…….you’d have to see it to understand. In any case, it will be really cool once I finish re arranging.

As I was looking through my IHS Porgram of Studies, I dsicovered I can take Intoduction to Programming next year. SCORE!!! I will take it with Course 2, since I can’t get into to Introduction to Programming 2 without Course 2. Whee! If I can take it, I’ll be taking [AP] Computer Science in my senior year. Boo ya.

Cool day. Lots of homework to do…

Ugh. Weird, messed up day. Gerg Wilson came over, and told me paintball work, but then asked if I wanted to go to a football game at Cornell. I said no, since I don’t like football. So then he’s like, let’s play Halo PC. We go over to his office, and spend an hour or more trying to get it to work, failing completely. We then go to my house, he drives down and gets his computer, and we LAN. It was fun, but it took my entire day. I had been planning on other stuff, but no, he insisted. [sigh] A day that could have been good, wasted.

Interesting day. Nothing happened, at all. I got up, played Gunbound, Killed Louis Wu in Halo PC, pretty much lots of owntage. For those of you who don’t know, Louis Wu is the webmaster for an extremely popular Halo website, to which I have a link to below and on the sidebar on the left.


It’s cool knowing You just killed a guy who’s at least 26 years old and should be infinitely better at Halo considering he spends his life mastering a website that gets at least a hundred thousand page views daily. Very cool, actually. I can quote the line actually…

You killed ☼Louis Wu

Paladin killed ☼Louis Wu.

You were killed by Paladin.

Very common scripts today. Other than that, nothing of any importance happened.

On a different plane, I downloaded some Linkin Park music. Feels nice to have something different with a good tune. I’ve also decided to make the titles for all my posts smilies. From best to worst, here’s a chart of what each smiley will represent.

^^ – best



>.< – worst

I like the way those things express my feelings about stuff. They actually look like me, a bit. 0.o

I will try and edit my previous posts’ titles to match this format.


Interesting past two weeks. Today’s update: I’m off MY computer for a week [until Monday], so I’m on my mom and dad’s. Probably won’t post until Monday again, so this is a long one. I got Vice City working, but that was a week or so ago. Been having lots of fun with that. I should be getting Halo PC on Friday or Saturday, though it depends on whether Ben invites me to his next party. I put out a message to all my customers to pay up on the whopping $132 they owe me. 32 goes to getting Halo PC. The rest is for my dad. I’ve got a $30 EB card and $10 Best Buy card, and I’ve got $15 right now, so I’m covered. If worse comes to worse, I can just go for the money Jonathan offered and use my EB card and 15 bux. It’s all good.

Concerning Daniel, Emma and Jesse, Daniel said he emailed Maria. He hasn’t given me what her response was, but I’m going to be interested in hearing it. I’m not angry about it anymore, now that I know what went down. Hopefully should all be in the past in a few days. I didn’t really gain much out of this experience, but I hope Daniel and Jesse learned something about me and my attitude. I can be fiesty sometimes, and when I get angry I show it. I know some of the things I said may not have been justified in my situation, but I felt they needed to be said in order to make my point at the time. I do appreciate y’all’s concern over me, but too much concern is very definately not a good thing.

So, I’ve gone through Halo PC, money, Vice City, friend problems, what else do I need to cover? Oh yeah. I’ve been forced to move back upstairs into my closet, and I’ll probably be staying up here for a while. I’ve moved our 13″ TV up and my XBox and PS1 up too, but the connection on the TV is so awful its not really playable. If I could get a new adapter I might be set, but I don’t have any. Oh well. At least this room has my clothes in it, and its not cold. Of course the only reason my other room was cold is because of the fact I leave the window open at night. Oddly enough, I sleep MUCH better when the outside air is cold, and I have enough coveres to keep me nice and cozy warm. It just puts me right to sleep. Heh, I can’t wait for snow. I wont enjoy the commute in school and crap, but that’s ok. So long as I can still wear my normal shoes without too much annoyance, it’s not too bad. That’s what lockers are for, right? Of course, now that it takes longer to get ready for school, it can take me anywhere from 15-20 minutes, depending on how much sleep I got the night before.

Wow. This was a LONG post. It should cover for the next week at least.


Well I’m back home on a Saturday near-afternoon. Last night was awesome. I went over with my 32″ TV, my XBox, Halo, a Hub, and we played some sweet 4 vs 3 Halo. Also played GTA3 and that about comprised our night. We had some pizza, but, the selection of coke, only being sprite, was really dissapointing. Who wants SPRITE with pizza? Oh well.

In any case, I’m back home, with all my stuff intact. On an odd note, Daniel called me in the middle of the party. I don’t know why. He went through all the trouble of fetching the number from the Luddy’s, and called me to say something that I couldn’t understand. I can’t call him now that he’s in Rochester for his guitar classes. Hopefully he’ll be back sometime in the near future.


Sorry folks! It’s been 3 days since my last post. I hope you haven’t wasted your time checking too often.

The last few days have been cool. Friday Jonathan picked me up from school. We stayed up all night watching ‘National Security’, eating calzones, and playing Fusion Frenzy. It was awesome. And National Security is HILARIOUS. A lot of swearing a racial remarks, though. Anyways. On Saturday I took the German proficiency test, which I’m pretty sure I got an A on. After that I went to Sam’s birthday party, at his friend, Ben Myer’s house. That was really cool. We played Halo and Unreal Tournament and all kinds of other games. I met Ben, Jared, and Zach there. Weilin was there, but I already knew him. After that I watched the Two Towers, and then came Church. That was interesting, as in Sunday School we have about 15 people in our class. Then came the abstinence class, and that was the rest of my day. OH! I forgot! After I got back from the party Saturday, my video card had arrived. I installed it and it came with Serious Sam. Its an old FPS. Anyways, Saturday was uneventful. I went to Daniel’s house and we played Halo, but that’s about it. Went home, played CS, watched the Two Towers, and went to bed. School was also uneventful. I discovered shoving people out of the way is rather effective for getting to DDP. I also discovered that iBen Myers is in my DDP class. Never noticed!

Ah well. I should go get my uniform for Scouts on.


Was just talking to my parents. They’re gonna kick me out of my own room!!! I’m gonna be forced to be off the computer by 10:30! Argh! No anime! No nice room! No TV! No Xbox! What happens when Halo PC…when Halo2…when Fable come out??? Will I be stuck to stop playing at 10:30? For goodness sake!