Zombie Arena Simulations

Scenario 1

You’re in line at an amusement park at peak visiting hours. A zombie outbreak occurs.

The challenge: Kill the original zombies before they can infect civilians and without harming uninfected civilians. Each original zombie is worth maximum points, but for each civilian a zombie infects, the original zombie’s value decreases. Infected civilians are worth much less than original zombies. Bonus points for protecting all of the Dippin’ Dots vendors.

Scenario 2

You’re visiting an art museum. A zombie outbreak occurs.

The challenge: Collect as many pieces of valuable art without splattering blood on the artwork. More powerful weapons spread more blood. Disabling zombies (severing limbs) produces very little blood. Bonus points for using postmodern exhibits to disable zombies.

Scenario 3

You’re on a sightseeing tour at an African wildlife preserve. A zombie outbreak occurs.

The challenge: Escape the wildlife preserve. The infection is spreading among all of the warm-blooded animals, including elephants, lions, cheetahs, hyenas, zebras, and hippos. You may acquire weapons by killing poachers (infected or not), but you are not allowed to kill any endangered species.

Scenario 4

You are dancing at a rave. A zombie outbreak occurs.

The challenge: The show must go on. Pacify infected ravers with MDMA to ensure they continue dancing. The zombies’ increased metabolism will cause the drugs to wear off more quickly, however, and when they wear off they will stop dancing attempt to feed. Though this spreads infection, ravers will not be scared as this looks like normal behavior. Killing zombies is an option, but gunshots or the sight of blood will scare nearby ravers. Every few minutes, foam and balloons can be released from the ceiling to distract scared ravers, and they will resume dancing. Keep 90% of the audience dancing at all times to win.

Scenario 5

You are at a Union encampment just after a major battle in the Civil War. A zombie outbreak occurs.

The challenge: Assist the evacuation of the camp by distracting zombies, using the supply of severed limbs from the many amputations performed. Achieve maximum visibility on a thrown limb by tossing it at a high arc, spinning quickly to spray blood as liberally as possible. Zombies that are sufficiently hit by the blood or that eat severed limbs acquire gangrene, causing them to slowly disintegrate.