One thought on “batman forgettable”

  1. First, I appreciate your ability to put together an engaging, amusing and well-argued podcast.

    Second, I agree with all your points, but I still disagree about your conclusion, to an extent. Everything you pointed to as mediocre about this movie was, in fact, underwhelming, and I too was disappointed by the missed opportunity for greatness. However, this movie accomplished something that no other superhero movie has achieved for me – sheer, visceral fear. I happen to be someone who has an exceptionally difficult time with both being buried alive and nuclear holocaust, so perhaps I’m biased – but it’s worth pointing out that it’s a rare film that actually upsets me, and I think accolades are deserved for that. As you rightly point out, the sense of watching a clash of titans struggling for foothold against a well-matched opponent was absent. I think it was more about evoking empathy for the victims. The tortures of Bane and the grief of the Gothamites (particularly the orphans) were portrayed in a way that felt very human to me.

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