I Need a Haircut (O.o)

Today was quite fun. I spent it at Jesse’s house pretty much from after church till an hour ago. We shot targets with his .22, built an extension for the chicken coup, helped his mom with her stone walkway, it was nice to get out and do some work. They got some chickens recently (within the past few days), and I must say, chickens are ridiculously hilarious. GOBBLEZ!!

Yesterday, I pretty much spent the entire day staring at my programming books and improving this ever-complexifying program I’m making. I’ve almost created my own sorting algorithm, which, with my complete inexperience, will just be a copy of an algorithm that was developed 50 years ago, but, I’ll still have made it on my own. *nod*

I watched Full Metal Jacket the other night. That, my friends, is a really weird movie. I was expecting a bright, comedic war film, but the humor was very dark, and really thrown off by the people constantly dying. I also watched the “new and improved AGAIN” DVD version of Episode IV. I swear…you think they’d have the technology to remove the red and green boxes from around the TIE fighters, and the horrific lightsaber effect (where the actor stands still as the next frame pops in the saber itself). Strangely enough, I’ve never actually watched any of the 3 movies in one sitting. I’ve seen all of them in bits and pieces, but I’ve never seen any of them from front to back. I’m gonna watch V tonight, which is supposedly the best of all of them. Not having any recollection of which scenes go with which movie, I can’t say whether I agree.

My hair is everywhere. I need a haircut.