GIVE ME A FRICKING BREAK. I swear, if I see another rant on how Bush shouldn’t have gotten elected, someone’s throat is getting slit and it’s not going to be mine. I’m glad we all have opinions, but don’t treat them as FACT. It is your OPINION that Bush is bad, not a FACT. Anyone who treats it as a FACT is simply IGNORANT. I’m not saying this because I like Bush – I’m saying this as a general rule of life.

That being said, I’m glad he won. I went a little overboard and “in yo face!!” at school, but not too badly, I hope. A couple girls in my Global and English class decided that Republicans don’t deserve to have a fair argument, so 1 minute into a discussion on embryonic stem cell research, one of them starts screaming “NO! NO! NO! YOU’RE WRONG! I AM RIGHT! I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! NO! NO! NO! YOU ARE WRONG!” “Well, you’re just ignorant!” and it went downhill from there. Stuff like this pushes my buttons like nothing else.

I don’t wanna see a political discussion in my comments – if I do, I WILL BAN YOU FROM COMMENTING FOR A WEEK. Yes, I can do that. Now that I have that out of my system, I can continue. I was up till 4 AM watching the results and stuff. I sort of slept my way through chemistry, testing out various ways of looking alert but be asleep. Chemistry is interesting only because we have so many slackers in our class. So if they aren’t up to par, it’s a snore fest.

I’m getting really, really psyched for Halo 2, it’s only 5 days away. Can’t wait…*repeats mantra*