Today was rather mediocre. School was bland, in general. Yesterday sucked. I didn’t have any of my English homework done, and gym was COLD. I didn’t get to any other classes, because I was up till 4-ish doing homework, and then I woke up and was like “crap” so I stayed home until 10:00, went to an orthodontics appointment (they say I’m close to being done!) and got to school at like 11:45, and made it into the last 20 minutes of programming. After school I had to take two quizzed I missed. I bombed the one I thought I was gonna do well one (78) and did pretty well on the one I thought I was gonna bomb (90). Anyways, after getting done with that, Gwen and Amy were kind enough to wait for me as I finished them, and they walked with me till the Commons, and I continued on home. It was COLD yesterday. Brrrr. I got to see Amy’s house, which was nifty, I guess. Her cat is weird.

Anyways. I guess it’s dinner food hour.


Continuing with what I never got to…heh. Caitlyn gave me two CDs she burned for me, of the “Pet Shop Boys”, whom have a very 80’s techno style. They’re different than what I’m used to, but I like them. Some of the songs (only a few) are more pop-ish than techno, though.