I feel a good bit better today, but I’m still coughing enough to make it apparant that I am indeed sick. I managed to do 200/225 sit ups, 80/90 push ups, and 200/225 squats last night. I lost count after I got to the 6th set, so I might have done 9, I’m not too sure. My parents were nice and let me skip an orthodontics appointment today, though there’s some garage sale thingy we have to take stuff to. I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll be all cured.

Paul gave me a nifty idea. In a couple of days I’m gonna try and set this up so that it randomly chooses between 3 color templates, all of them would be like this, only one would be based off green, another red, maybe yellow, I’m not really sure. I need to learn more about CSS before I try anything, though. Don’t expect anything special for a while.