I’ve done a bunch of tweaking in the template over the past few days, deleting unnecessary stuff, etc. In a nifty (yes, nifty) bulleted list, here’s what I’ve done.

»Centered the text alignment for the title, date, and byline.

»Added border to sidebar.

»Moved header to left side, raised main column.

»Changed description, shortened blog title.

»Added nifty and actual working background.

»Removed unnecessary code from the original template.

Took me long enough…especially since Internet Explorer is stupid, and couldn’t read my blog after I’d done two days worth of poking. It’s all good now. It doesn’t look QUITE as good in Internet Explorer as it does in Firebird, but it’s close enough. As for things people actually care about – I should be back at school tomorrow. Spent most of today doing catch-up homework and watching more news. Enjoy my completely random links.