I think I may have set a record for how long I’ve ever slept. 15 hours, 11:00 PM to 2 PM today. I woke up feeling a littel better than yesterday, and right now I’m feeling not too shabby. I’ll probably go to school tomorrow. I’m kinda tired of staying home, watching the news until someone logs online to talk to. Watching the news gets pretty boring, too. The same stuff kinda gets mulled over and over until you’re brainwashed. Today’s wasn’t so bad, watching the 9/11 comittee review people. It’s also kind of frustrating, listening to how the FBI and CIA get stuck in the beurocracy of politics when they shouldn’t be. It reminds me of how I used to bother arguing with some of my friends about Bush as a president. It really bugs me looking at these people who claim to be so open-minded, yet tell me “you’re stupid. you like President Bush” or “all republicans are stupid” As if Gore, or, *snort* Nader would have done a better job. I won’t rant about my political views here, not worth your time, or mine.

In other news…*ahem* I still have to write this research report…it’s not hard, jsut time consuming. I have 75% of it done, but the stupid works cited and in-text citations take FOREVER. You forgot what page the info was on? You have to go look it up. I’ll have it done soon, I just have to get down to work some time soon. As in, tonight. I’ve also got that German thing to do, but that I’ll reserve for doing as school. Peace.